Huminrich 25kg Colorful Package Blackgold Humate
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Classification: Nitrogen Fertilizer
Type: Urea
Urea Coating: HUMIC ACID
CAS No.: 68514-28-3
Other Names: HUMIC ACID
MF: CO(NH2)2
EINECS No.: 215-809-6
Place of Origin: Liaoning China (Mainland)
Release Type: Slow
State: Granular
Purity: 100%
Application: Soil application, same as urea 46
Brand Name: HuminRich
Model Number: SH9040-1
Name: Blackgold Humate Urea Fertilizer
Shape: Granular
Color: Silver Black
Applicaton: Hot sale China urea n46 prilled
Source: Leonardite humus minerals
Certificate: ISO9001
Application: Grain Fertilizer Slow release Nitrogen Fertilizer
Release: Slow release pure nitrogen fertilizer
Test Report: SGS,intertek

Product Description

Characteristics Of

Blackgold Humate

1,What is Blackgold Humate?

As is known to all, urea has been the "white light" appeared in front of the farmers, But Blackgold Humate

have make a change - into a "black" How to get black? Blackgold Humate becomes black because of the

effect of humic acid fertilizer synergist. "Black, gold, safety is our positioning of Blackgold Humate . The

core of Blackgold Humate--- Weathered coal or lignite as main raw material for humic acid fertilizer

synergistic, using specialized microbial fermentation technology, extracting and concentrating high

molecular activity humic acid synergistic liquid, using the unique chelation technology prepared

The synergist is a natural material extraction, safety and environmental protection,

which contains large amounts of carboxyl group, a phenolic hydroxyl group, a carbonyl group and

other active groups, adjustable crop organic carbon nutrient balance,promote crop growth,

enhance photosynthesis, improve crop yields and quality.

2, What Is The Difference Between Blackgold Humate And Other Urea

Many countries in the world through the development of fertilizer to increase the efficiency of fertilizer. In 2011,

the European Union to set up a biological stimulating hormone industry, promote the application of fertilizer

synergist in production. Chemically synthesized fertilizers synergist has obvious role that increasing

production, but there are security issues, Studies have shown that many natural extracts with improved

crop root activity, inhibiting ammonia volatilization, promote crop nutrient absorption, and safety and

environmental protection. Thus, extracted from natural substances " Blackgold Humate " will become an

ideal material forurea-modified synergistic. Blackgold Humate is not affected by the traditional urea market downturn,Because it belongs to differentiated products, high technology content.

3, What Kinds Of Plants Can Use Blackgold Humate

Data show that Blackgold Humate utilization increased by 5.2% -13.2% than the white urea. widely used

in corn, cotton, wheat, peanuts, rice, and other field crops,and Field effect test results show,When

Blackgold Humate and white urea in the same amount, Crop yields increased by 9.6%, and the nitrogen use efficiency increased by 7.9 percentage points.

4, What Are The Effects Of Blackgold Humate

Through a large number of experimental data show that compared with the traditional white urea,

Blackgold Humate have a good inhibitory effect on soil urease activity, Can effectively reduce the

ammonia volatilization loss of more than 20%, Slow down the decomposition of urea in the soil and release

rate, But also regulate the soil carbon balance, micronutrient supplementation, and other functions. Direct

effect is enhanced photosynthesis of crops, Promote root and plant growth, improve nitrogen use efficiency,

increase organic matter in the soil, increase yield. Next, As an example , application effect of rice will be show.

5,Detail of HUMINRICH Blackgold Humate

Brand Name


Product name

SH9040-1 Blackgold Humate


Young Active Leonardite Source


Black Silver Granular

Water Solubility



Detailed Specifications Will be Send By Email As Request

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