Best Budget Mountain Bike and More

Different people do cycling for various reasons. Some will do it as a hobby, while others will use bikes as a means of transport. Regardless of your cycling situation, choosing the right bike is not always straightforward. There are so many options in the market and unless you know what each offers, it can be hard to determine the best option for you. To save you from all this hustle and help narrow down your options, we have reviewed the best budget mountain bike under different categories for you.


In this post, we will focus on budget cycles under mountain bikes, gravel bikes, folding bikes and touring bikes categories. Our hope is that you will identify the budget bike that is convenient for you on reading this guide.

Best budget mountain bike

Mountain bikes are simply bikes designed for off-road terrain. They are quite similar to other bikes but usually have added features for good performance in rough terrain. Below are our top picks for the best budget mountain bike:

• Mongoose Dolomite MTB

This is arguably one of the best bikes for off-road terrain cycling. Its large tires offer good traction on snow or sand making it fit for any season. This bike offers outstanding balance and is very comfortable even for the scariest terrain, as it has a well-installed chain that cannot pop off even with speed changes. With all these features, you only get to pay $1000 for the bike.

• Pacific Stratus Blue MTB

The Pacific Stratus Blue mountain bike has large tires perfect for rocky and muddy surfaces thus best for mountain trails. With its several speed options, you can easily change gears for uphill and downhill cycles. At its price point ($300), you also get decent gear shift mechanism and sufficient braking power.

• Finiss Merax

This is the best mountain bike you can have for a budget of around $500. Also, it has double-walled tires making it more robust and front suspensions that absorb vibrations, enhancing comfortability. The main advantage of this bike is that it’s unisex and comes in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of riders. Note that all these features are incorporated in a unit that will only cost you $200.


Best budget gravel bike

These are bikes used for adventure on trails. Because of their more relaxed geometry and extended wheelbase, they are comfortable for long distances. We chose the following for best budget gravel bike:

• Bianchi Via Nirone Allroad Tiagra

This is an impressive budget gravel bike costing around $900. The bike boasts of a rigid frame of aluminium with a hydroformed section of carbon fork for disc brake. It has enough wheelbase to support light loads and for comfortable mid to long distance cycling.

• Tommaso – Sterrata Disc

Are you looking for a commuting bike that offers versatility and durability? This bike will offer that and much more. With its heavy wheels, it can effortlessly handle challenging terrain, gravel and dirt. The rims are also designed to handle extra weight from the backpack and adventure gear making it best gravel bike to buy for under $1000.

• Marin – Gestalt 2

If you wish to spend $1000-$1500 for an adventure cycle that can endure all-weather roads, the Marin- Gestalt 2 is a bike to consider. The bike comes with double rims and disc brakes that offer controlled and smooth braking, reducing bike damages. Also it has lightweight components and an aggressive race geometry that makes it very comfortable for an upright position cycling of up to12 hours. The smartly designed drivetrain will make sure that you don’t struggle uphill.


Best budget folding bike

These are the most flexible bikes and the easiest to carry and store. You can, for example, get into a bus with a folding bike, store it under your working desk when you get to your work station and use it to commute in the evening. Our best budget folding bike picks include:

• Outroad Mountain Bike

If your budget is around $300 and you are looking for a long-lasting, foldable mountain bike, this is the option to go for. This bike has an advanced braking system that allows smooth stops and consistently guarantees security. It has high tensile folding frames and brake disc making it long-lasting. It also features a double rim wall and diamond wheels that make it suitable for most terrain.

• Schwinn Loop

This foldable bike will occupy literary any space. It is easy to fold, store and ride. With less than $500, you can get your hands on this high quality, good performance foldable bike. Moreover, a carrying case is always included in the bike’s package.

• EuroMini Zizzo

EuroMini Zizzo is one of those budget bikes that you can ride for more than 12 hours without getting bored or worn out. It is lightweight, making it very comfortable to use. Its smart design, specifications and adjustability make it usable for use by people of different sizes. With $300 you get a foldable bike that is suitable for most terrains and all weather conditions.


Best budget touring bike

These are travel bikes designed for long-distance cycles. They are required to support heavy backpacks while still performing well. Here are best budget touring bike:

• Dawes Galaxy

This is the best low budget touring bike and a perfect choice for people who are starting their biking adventure. Moreover, it is comfortable and weatherproof and can carry heavy weights without slowing down. It is the best budget touring bike you can get at $700.

• Jamis Aurora 2019 Touring Bike

For just $ 800, you can own this light-tourer and expedition bike. It has optimal performance off and on the road because of the combination of firm ridge center and diamond-shaped side knobs for the tires.

• Ridgeback Voyage

This is a $ 900 perfectly design long-duration riding bike. It is suitable for use in remote areas and is very comfortable to ride. Also with its long wheelbase geometry and medium head tube, you can comfortably and leisurely ride this bike for long distances.

Hopefully, you now know what to go for when you want budget bikes for different riding situations. Just evaluate your needs, pick one bike from the category that best resonates with your needs and you will undoubtedly have the best cycling experiences. Remember, don’t forget to acquire your cycle from a reliable source to ensure that you are getting the real deal.