Bike racks – how to choose the best one and you actually need it?

If you ride or own a bike, you will have to acquire a bike rack accessory to aid with the handling, utilization, and transportation of the same. It is only prudent to know about this accessory in detail as well as other pertinent details. These form the basis of our discussions here below.

What is a bike rack?

Blue bikes on a bike rack

A bike rack may assume three meanings. For one, it may refer to the bike carrier. This is a component that attaches to a vehicle and used to mount the bike for further transportation. Then, it can also mean the bicycle parking rack. This is a stationary fixture onto which a bike may be attached securely to avoid theft. Lastly, it may also refer to a luggage carrier. This is attached to a bike to facilitate the transportation of loads.

Types of Bike Racks

  • Bike Parking Rack

As the name implies, this is a stationary fixture which facilitates the parking of bikes. The bike is attached to it and secured tightly by the use of a lock. In some cities, there are designated parking racks that are built exclusively to serve that purpose. Quite a number though lack such structures and allow for use of buildings and stones.

  • Bike Cargo Rack

The bike cargo racks are the ones that are used to transport luggage from one point to another. This kind of rack attaches to the back of a bike. It contains all the trappings needed to secure the cargo tightly and securely to ward off any possibility of falling off even when the bike fidgets.

  • Bicycle Carrier

Lastly, the bike carrier is an attachment that is fixed onto a vehicle for the purpose of transporting a bike from one place to another. It is available in three main kinds and forms. These are the roof-mounted, roof-mounted, or the hitch-mounted, respectively. Regardless of their specific, they hold the bike firmly to prevent fidgety and fall-offs.

Purposes of Bike Racks

Bike racks, though different in sizes and kinds, play three major roles. Below are some of those:

  • Facilitate Bike Transportation

They facilitate the transportation of dirt bikes. As explained above, the racks hold the bikes firmly in such a way as to minimize the possibilities of falling off. Without the use of these racks, the bikes may be easily damaged while in transit. Also, loading and off-loading may be cumbersome.

  • Cargo Haulage

Some kinds of bike racks, as explained above, play the role of expediting the transportation of cargo. In this role, they basically hold the cargo firmly and tightly to prevent the same from fidgeting. By making use of the racks, you get to maintain your balance and composure at all times when behind the wheels.

  • Parking
A bike on the bike rack

When you no longer use the bikes, you will also make use of the rack to park them. Here again, the racks come in to hold your bike tires firmly in place until the next time you need the same. Considering also that they work alongside the locks, they bring about added security.

Is it worth investing in a bike rack?

YES, it is indeed worth investing in a bike rack. Three reasons underlie this. We explain them below:

  • Bike Safety

For the safety of your bike in the course of transportation, you absolutely need to use the racks. They will maintain your bike in an absolute state of safety and goodwill. In particular, they prevent the bike from fidgeting excessively or suffering damages.

  • Compliance with Statutory Obligations

Most jurisdictions require that you use the racks while handling your hybrid bikes. Yet again, you will find them pretty reliable in case you are intent on staying in good books with the authorities. You do not want to suffer unnecessary damages and fines, do you?

  • Longevity

Bikes that make use of the racks are ordinarily longer lasting than those that do not. It hence goes that you also have to make use of the bike kit for the sake of lengthening the lifespan of your bikes. You definitely want to enjoy some peace of mind in the process, don’t you?


Our explanations of the best bike racks come to an end there. We now pass the buck to you to make the most of the information we have attained. Could it be that there are issues you would like us to clarify? Kindly let us know in the comments section hereunder.