Bike kit – essentials

Hello guys, it’s awesome to have your attention once more on the subject of bike kits.

Today, I am going to be taking you through the different types of bike kit options you can choose, what bike kits are suitable for what types of bikes and how to select your kits. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Different Types of Bike Kits

It is worth noting that bike kits can be diverse and wide-ranging from wearable to mechanical. For example, wearable kits include helmets, riding gloves, cycling clothing & shoes, as well as bike goggles. Mechanical kits, on the other hand, entail items like engines for electric bikes, locks, lights, and more.

Just like regular kits, electric bike kits are readily available online and at your nearest store, dealing in bike parts. Therefore, whether you are looking for an engine, lock or light kit to replace your existing kit, you should be able to obtain one locally or online without breaking a sweat. The best part is that many products are offered at reasonable prices, making them affordable to the wider majority.

What Bike Kits Are Suitable for What Type of Bikes

A professional rider on a sport type bike

It is worth noting that bike kits are designed with specific types of bikes in mind. For example, engine kits (electric motors) are built particularly for electric bicycles. These kits aren’t suited for regular bikes, which have pedals and require human power to move. Nonetheless, gearing kits are intended for mountain bikes, which have special gearing systems to help enhance motion. Like engine kits, these too cannot befit regular bikes without gearing systems. Lighting kits, on the other hand, are more essential for road bikes, which are required by the law to have illumination and indication lights just as regular vehicles. That’s because they are meant to ride alongside vehicles hence subject to traffic laws. It goes without saying that, while other types of bikes may also benefit from light kits, it is not mandatory for these bikes to have those kits. Finally, we have exercise bike kits. These are only appropriate for stationary work out bikes and not other types of bikes. Kits such as stabilizer bars, transportation wheels, and so on will be of no use to regular bikes due to configuration challenges.

How to Choose a Helmet and Other Bike Parts

  • Consider the type of your bicycle. Is it an exercise, a road or a regular bike? That is important because different helmets or bike parts are designed for different types of bikes. For example, exercise bike helmets tend to be a bit larger in size to give your head more breathing space. In addition, they feature a less sleek design compared to helmets designed for racing or mountain bikes because aerodynamics isn’t a consideration. The opposite is true for helmets designed for racing bikes or mountain bikes.
  • Seek professional advice if you are confused. That can be a smart move especially when you are an amateur shopper who does not understand many technical details pertaining to bike kits. The best part is that many sellers are ready to provide free professional advice as a tactic to persuade you to give them business. Simply describe your bike and kit needs and your vendor will be able to recommend the appropriate helmet or part.
  • Consider the brand of the helmet or bicycle part. That is an important step because the quality of these products can vary significantly, depending on brands. Some brands are known to produce high quality helmets or bike parts whereas others average quality helmets and parts. Other brands outright make terrible quality stuff with respect to the above products.
  • Find out what others had to say about the vendor. Paying attention to quality is just as important as considering suitability of the product. Yet determining quality tends to be more challenging than determining suitability. But by reading customer reviews, you can get a true picture of the quality of the seller’s products.


Bike kits can be an essential solution to different needs bike owners have. For instance, if you want to protect your head from riding related injuries, helmet kits are the answer to your riding needs. So are lock kits if you would like to keep thieves away from your bike when parked.