Hybrid bikes

What is a hybrid bike?

A hybrid bike is a lighter version of a mountain bike. Hybrid bikes usually have about 28-inch wheels with midsize or wide tires and medium tread depth. These wheels are perfect on solid ground but can be also used on forest paths. The frame is lighter and larger compared to the mountain bike frame. Most hybrid bikes have a damping front fork with a 50-60 mm stroke. Increasingly, hybrids come with disc brakes. The frame of the hybrid bicycle has its attachment points, so additional travel equipment with accessories can be put together without any difficulties.

If you choose the right kit, hybrid bikes (or Cross bikes) can be used for tourist travels or for exploring off-road. The wide range of gears allows you to develop higher speed on a smooth road and have more power when riding into uphill. The main benefit of hybrid bikes is that they are really versatile: with the right kit, you can use the same bike for many different occasions. As a result, a hybrid bike is a perfect solution for those who like to travel everywhere, except really bad quality roads.

This bike is perfect for those who enjoy having casual rides, want to use it for exercise reasons and as a means of transport. Of course, hybrid bikes are great for going out on a camping, especially if you add a variety of accessories to the bike – lighting kit, cases, bags and more.

How to choose the right hybrid bike?

  • Gear system

First of all, one of the main factors is a gear system. There are two different types – 8 and 9. Undoubtedly, the 9-speed system is considered to be better. However, the price of the bike with this system is much higher than an 8 speed one. As a result, it all depends on how much you want to spend. If you have a larger budget, it is worth to invest in a 9-speed gear system, as you will definitely notice the difference.

  • Roads where you will be riding

Will you be mostly riding on streets and paved trails? Or do you want some flexibility to go exploring like on crushed limestone? The style of bike you need depends on what kind of roads you will be riding on.

If you are looking for a fast commute or a more fitness-oriented ride and will mostly be riding on pavement, features like a rigid fork or skinnier tires will give you a quicker and lighter ride.

However, if you are not always sure where you will be riding and you want to be prepared for any type of surface, you may feel more comfortable on a bike with a front suspension fork. The suspension fork will help to absorb bumps on rough roads and gravel trails. Wider and knobbier tires will give better traction.

If you want a comfortable recreational ride, search for a more upright position. This position is more relaxed, and wider tires will help cushion any bumps in the road.